Benalab was founded in 2017 and focuses on development and production of various reaction systems for research and development activities.

Benalab serves;

Reaction system design and application for special purposes

Gaining new abilities for existing laboratory systems and equipments

Repair and maintenance services for existence laboratory systems and equipments

Maintenance of equipments that do not have available replacement kits

Consultancy services on reaction system design and application for research and development activities.

Reaction Systems

Benelab can produce/configure reactors up to 600 bar and 1.000°C on purpose. Main production/application is focused on pressurized batch and tubular reactors design and production. pH, conductivity, online pressure and temperature monitoring and jacket heating applications can be easily configured on purpose.

Other Application Areas

Flue-Stack gas analyzers

Resin and cell design application

Calorimetry production

High temperature furnace and induction systems

Fuel cells

Laboratory scale heat exchanger applications

Gas generators

Gas pressurization

Injection pumps

Pressurized magnetic stirring batch reactor design and application

Laboratory scale high pressure liquid and gas containers

Glow box

About us

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